1 (800) SAVE - DACA

Published September 12, 2017.
Written by: Jesús Iñiguez and Yosimar Reyes
Featuring: Yosimar Reyes
Directed, captured, and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
DACA has been rescinded by the Trump administration. This has meant that DACA recipients from across the country have seen their inboxes flooded with media requests. As the moment is important for many, journalists, media makers, and content creators -who are on deadlines- often lose sight of the fact that undocumented people are actually living this moment in a very real and personal way.
We created this video as an attempt to ask of those journalists and media makers to examine their real intent in telling undocumented stories, to ask them to respect the agency of those who become subjects of those stories, and as a call-out to all undocumented content creators to CREATE YOUR OWN MEDIA!

A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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