"Home in Time of Displacement " Anthology-Announcement

Published on July 17, 2014.

Coming Aug. 2014: "Home in Time of Displacement " Anthology Vol.1 A collection of poems, short stories, plays and excerpts by writers who are undocumented.

Featuring work by : Alan Pelaez, Alexa Vasquez, Alex Aldana, Alexandra Samarron, Emilia Fiallo, Eunice Alejandra, Kemi Bello, May Liang, Sonia Guinansaca, Yahaira Carrillo,Yunuen Rodriguez.

Video Production: Jesús Iñiguez

Undocuwriting is a program that CultureStrike developed in order to support undocumented artist specifically writers. Currently we are working with 12 undocumented writers, in 2013 we had our first UndocuWriting retreat facilitated by Staceyann Chin and Mark Gonzales. This anthology came out of that first UndocuWriter's Retreat.

About the Title: As of now the title HOME really speak to our writings. Not only was this such a present theme during our retreat, but from reading our pieces, it very much illuminates the idea that our body is our home as well as many other intellectual/experiential/historical/physical layers (such as our struggles accepting our bodies as we have come to internalize a lot of hatred). Yet, it also speaks to our internal transformations and moments of transcendence, it speaks about how each of us attempt to make home in a world where we don't seem to really belong.

A title with the word "home" in it really leaves the reader to unravel this concept and savor a different angle in each of our pieces. It takes you , the reader, through a journey of complicated , complex, multi layered, and different shades of our lives.

Home brings up a question of identity, how our identity is attached to one word. How people think they know you because of that one word and how it has been manipulated, disfigured to fit into something it originally didn't. It's so personal, but also shared openly. How one word can mean so many things. How it's impossible to fit all our meanings into one word.

What is home in time of displacement?

A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

"Art is always a reflection, a testament and a record of our human condition." Donate Now!