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Scenes from Inside a Dystopian Storm

Cyree Jarelle Johnson's poetry collection depicts visions of the global climate crisis through the prism of the country's incarceration machine, looking at the atmospheric chaos of a dystopian future inside the social maelstrom of the prison-industrial complex. Focusing on the iconic real-life nightmare of a dissaster on New York City's Rikers Island jail complex, the work encapsulates the contemporary politics surrounding the facility today, and marks the first stage of an ongoing work-in-progress.

The right/write to roam

With "A Shooting Script 1987 #After Seamus Heaney"
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In Inua Ellams's new poetry and essay collection, #Afterhours (Nine Arches Press, 2017), the Nigerian-born British-raised spoken word artist reflects critically on issues of identity and history. As a child of the diaspora, he sees his literary development as a process of reconciling different strands of empire, resistance, and the creative friction that inevitable arises between the two. 


White Hipsters

When Your Trend is my Culture
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Fong Tran, a spoken word artist, youth activist and Director of Student Activities at the College of Alameda, has a few things to say about white hipsters, and a few things to tell them.



A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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